Since past 2 decades ,The Khalsa Industry is the legendary manufacturing company of construction equipments – Based in New Delhi, we are successfully manufacturing and supplying our variety of construction equipments like viabrator motor and viabrator shaft as well as spare parts all over India. Our ancestors got into this business very long back, with our experience of generations by now, we have built a legendary consistency and precision in our work. Khalsa Industry has devoted in adding value to business with all our customers. We are very sincere in our services and we are committed to provide satisfaction and quality to our buyers…

Solution We Give

In our wide portfolio of manufacturing we manufacture and give a best solution to our customers, we manufacture

vibrator motors, vibrator shaft, D-watering pump, earth compactor, plate vibrator, UN- balanced vibrator motor & spare parts.

Challenges We Solve

We welcome challenging opportunities, With our long experience we understand technicalities and performance at application of products. We manage the sources and R&D and finally give a best solution to the client, the attitude of positivity gives a right shape to our business where the goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.


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