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Khalsa Industry

Established in 2002 ,The Khalsa Industry includes in its vast profile as a manufacturer of construction equipments – With the biggest experience we are successfully manufacturing and supplying our products and supplying all over India, with this legendary experience , we have built a brilliant consistency and precision in our work, this is why we are renounced manufacturer & supplier of construction equipments today.
In the industrial hub of India, our head office is based in New Delhi. Being located in the Capital, we are well connected with rest of the country, which makes our product supply easy and helps us deliver our goods on time.
Our high performance manufacturing process and  skilled labour is the key factor- making us capable of high-end manufacturing and delivery in short period of time and in very competitive prices. We produce goods of high durability and advanced designs.
We add values to business with all our customers. We are very sincere in our services and we are committed to provide satisfaction and quality to our buyers.

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Our Philosophy

Our primary policy is to supply the best quality product at very competitive prices which help us enhance the recognition from the national market .we are engaged in continuous improvement on production, operation and management to grow as the largest construction equipment’s manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Codes of conducts

·         No child labor

·         Ensuring workplace safety and health for everyone

·         Ensure environment safety

·         Complying working hours

·         Defined management system for employees

We believe to work in disciplined environment keeping our surrounding undisturbed. We closely look after the health and any other issues of our each and every employee that makes the Khalsa Industry a happy and healthy place to work with.


The Company

Under direct supervision of the Director Mr Tajinder, we have separate departments working in close coordination with each other.

• Marketing department – Our marketing department is fully dedicated to ensure the service, this department also ensure here “you get right value of your spendings”. 

• Product development –  Our research and development department is fully dedicated to do continuous betterment in the product, we work according to market and the needs of the customers.

• Quality control – Once the product is made, it goes under trial to see the proper functioning of the products.

• Packaging – Each product has a specifically designed packaging to prevent any damage while loading and transporting.

• Accounts, HR, Logistics and others- take cares of their departments for the smooth working of the company.

Since our establishment we are working in progressive manner. At all segment we measure the needs of transformations and apply it accordingly that makes our customers to feel easiness with business relationship, it actually makes process easier & faster. With our aim of continuous efforts to grow in our market and we have achieved a reputed name and place in our industry.

Our Products

We manufacture Construction Equipment’s, Spare parts and Tools. Some of our products range:

·         Poker Vibrator Shaft

·         Dolphin Vibrator Engine

·         Dewatering Pumps

·         Plate Compactor

·         Screed Leveler/Vibrator

·         Plate Vibrator Surface 

·         Surface Electric Vibrator Motors

·         Self Vibration Motor

·         Cube Testing Machine

·         Cube Mould

·         Dolphin Slump Test

·       Sives Brass & GI

·         Bitumen Extractor

·         Rapid Moisture Meter 

·       Aggregate Impact Value

·         Sieves Shaker


 We produce the best quality product in industry, our products are highly durable and available at competitive prices.

 We’re Proud of Our Awards

We are so proud of our awards because they are a reflection of our commitment to you and our relentless pursuit of perfection.