This concrete moisture meter is a non-destructive, handheld instrument that helps users to determine the moisture content in a large variety of construction materials including concrete, wood and gypsum. Due to accurate measurement and fast processing, this device is a surely a must have instrument for building contractors, construction companies and other related professionals.

This concrete moisture detector is extensively used to determine the moisture content in concrete, walls, grounds, bricks, tiles, marbles, plasterboards, concrete floor, clays and so on. This concrete moisture meter is a portable device and can be easily transported anywhere it needs. Being light weight and compact design, this instrument truly carries all the features that a field application needs at economical price.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam eu hendrerit nunc. Proin tempus pulvinar augue, quis ultrices urna consectetur non.


Non-destructive measurement
Accurate measurement
Also perfect for large areas
Provides fast reading
Designed for continuous use
Auto power off
Compact design
Microprocessor circuit
Data hold function