plate vibrator
  • We offer to our client precision engineered KHALSA INDUSRTY Surface / Pan Vibrator is dual purpose vibrator which finds its application in beam, colomn as well as surface compaction application i.e. Floors, Roads, Bridges. It is known for high working speed at lower cost and comes with superior design And robust construction features.
Models Specification
Transmission Through V-Belt to rotter shafts pulley assembly
Power Unit 2 H.P Engine
2 H.P 2800 R.P.M. induction electric
motor with suitable starter respectively
Surface Plate dimension (mm) 550X700X5
Approx Kerb Weight 42 KG

– Bottom made of steel
– Bothe side High Quality Bearing
– Both side oil seal
– Grip Tilted Handel Or wire rope Handel
– Provision for both Engine and Electric motor
– Vibration assembly of heavy steel
– Rubber ring for retaining lubricant
– Power 2Hp
– Adjustable base platform for Honda , greaves and electric motor